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1100 E. Hector Street
Conshohocken, PA 19428
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Media Type USPS Media Mail Expedited Method (optional based on seller)
Hardcover Book $3.70 per book $5.79 per book
Paperback Book $3.25 per book $5.30 per book
Return Policy
Taken from Half website

You can contact the seller using our Buyer/Seller Communication tool to resolve this issue.
1. Click the My Account button near the top right. You may be asked to log in.
2. Click on the Purchases link.
3. Click the "Details" link next to seller's name for the order in question.
4. Click on the red "Report Problem" button.
5. Click the radio button that precedes "My item was not of promised quality".
6. Enter any comments you may have for the seller in the box.
7. Click the "Report Problem to Seller" button.
You should receive an email response from the seller within 2-4 days. Also, you may click the "View History" button under the "Details" link to read the seller's response.
Please note that the "Report Problem" button appears roughly 2 business days after your credit card is charged.
Every Half.com Buyer is covered under the Buyer Protection Policy for the first $750 of every purchase, subject to the policy guidelines. For more information on the Buyer Protection Policy(http://half.ebay.com/help/index.cfm?helpsection=guarantee_p)
Cancellation Policy
Taken from Half website

Unfortunately, you are unable to cancel an order once it is placed since purchases are made from other Half.com members. Sellers ship items within 24 hours after a sale is confirmed.

Customer Service Contact Information

Click here to email Customer Service from the Half.com website.

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