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Shipping Option Estimated Shipping Time Cost Per Shipment Additional Costs
Standard Shipping 3 to 7 Business Days $3.00 $0.99 per item
Two-Day Shipping 2 Business Days $7.49 $1.99 per item
One-Day Shipping 1 Business Day $12.49 $3.99 per item
(*Note: Books with listed availabilities of more than 3 weeks may incur an additional shipping fee of $1.99 per item.)
Return Policy
Taken from Amazon website

Books purchased from, including books purchased from Borders teamed with, are easily returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment to via our online Returns Center. Please note that books purchased at Borders teamed with can be returned only to and not to a Borders store location.
We are currently unable to accept returns of or provide refunds for e-books. For issues related to audio downloads, please contact
If you're returning a book purchased from Amazon Marketplace, Auctions, or zShops, please contact the seller directly.

Cancellation Policy
Taken from Amazon website

It's easy to cancel items from an order you placed at, provided that the order has not yet entered the shipping process.
If we can recognize you as a customer with any unshipped orders, you will see a box to the right. Click the relevant link in that box to visit the order summary page. (If you do not see that box, sign in to Your Account, and select the order you wish to alter.)
Once you've reached the order summary, click the "Need to cancel an item?" button. On the next page, click the checkbox next to any item you want to cancel. Be sure to click the "Cancel checked items" button when you are finished.
If the item you want to cancel has already entered the shipping process, you can return the item. Visit our Returns Center for more information.
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